Here at Scheidt’s Footballing Miscellany we like to dispel the myths about football. For a start yes; it is possible for five middle class men in North Eastern cities (one in Newcastle and the rest in Aberdeen) to talk about football without constantly needing to namecheck the Old Firm and why they make our tiny footballing worlds go round. This is despite two of the five Scheidtcasters being fans of said teams. Achievement.

Scheidtcast is the result and you can hear it every two weeks by downloading it from the site. When it’s ready, it will be uploaded and placed in a post on the site. However, it will also be placed on this page for the sheer ease of doing so. We’re nice to you, really.

Scheidtcast Episode 5 -Auchinleck Talbot vs Cumnock Juniors


Scheidtcast Episode 4 – Harrow Borough vs Wealdstone

Scheidtcast Episode 3 – Alloa Athletic vs. Peterhead


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