Join Us

Well, well, well it looks like Scheidt’s Footballing Miscellany is looking to add your name to our illustrious list of staff. We’re new, we know we’re new but we also know the huge amount of potential that we have as a site and as a force in football. That’s why we want to offer a chance for you to be involved.

In our short life we’ve spawned a podcast and have been featured in The Guardian and are also featured on News Now. We’re one of the fasted growing football blogs in the country and we’re looking for talented and keen people looking to break into football journalism, whether you’re a student or just an armchair pundit- if you’ve got something to say then there’s going to be someone out there who agrees. As it stands we want to help people develop and grow as writers and producers of content. While we would like to have a place for everyone; we’d like to have people who are able to specialise in one area of football, that way we don’t have an overlap in content coming out on the site.

Ideally you’ll be looking to develop contacts within the game- the kind of people who will allow you to get great interviews where you can ask your footballing heroes what their favourite matchday breakfast is and be able to write humourous, engaging content in your chosen area. We don’t care where you’re from or what part of the footballing world you want to write about, we just want you to be able to produce one good quality article a week. Easy, right?

What can we offer you in return? Your articles will be checked & subbed before submission and lined up to go out and we’ll provide you with a platform for your work to go out which will enhance our readership and in turn put you on course to getting your big break in the industry.

That’s the plan anyway. Sound like a good one? Why not get in touch then? All we need is your specialist subject area, your experience and a couple of samples of your work (links are fine, we don’t need anything new).