Scheidtcast Episode #1 – Montrose vs. Arbroath

Yes, Scheidt fans! It’s here! It’s only taken about 15 hours to get to this stage but here’s the soundcloud file for our very first podcast titled ‘Montrose vs. Arbroath’. We do so hope you enjoy it.

To download the podcast, click the little arrow in the player. Then stick it on your MP3 Player & get our chat on the go!

The first ever Scheidtcast live from the pod deep in the heart of a bunker in rural Aberdeenshire.In this episode we get to grips with the evils of podcasting, the harshness of an audacity edit, Michael declares his German nationalism, Euan & Colin lock horns over the Old Firm derby, Adam is treated like a face on a screen and special guest Joss Lorenson looks on in horror.Enjoy!


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