Type fast, or you’ll be on the Wayne…

Wayne Rooney of Manchester United vs Everton. ...

You fickle, fickle bastard.

I learned a valuable lesson this week: ‘If you must blog, blog quickly or not at all’.

I just had to delete the longest blog post that I have ever written. It was in draft form. I toyed with the idea of adapting it to save it. I feel it would have been impossible. It is better to let go, and go on. It related to the Wayne Rooney situation at Manchester Utd last week. He was all set to go. He had said he was going. His words were fickle and rendered mine the same.

I had written 1000 words of what was due to be at least a 2000 word article on where Man Utd would go from here. How they would have the capability to carry on on the pitch and that they had more immediate problems to deal with at goalkeeper, full back, centre back and centre midfield than they did in the space vacated by Rooney. But he u-turned. He u-turned and made my article completely irrelevant at a single stroke.

Obviously Manchester United still have these problems. But the thrust of my article was taken from under my feet. The underpinning theme that Rooney leaving was not the catastrophe that many Manchester United fans would fear, and that his leaving was almost the natural conclusion of a few years of fairly major upheaveal at United, was crushed. All because he just wanted to rustle up the press in order to gain more money.

I feel I was duped. I almost write that I feel I was duped, like the rest of the press was duped. However, they are smarter, more experienced than me. They know the lessons.

Journalism, like the performance of a player, is all timing. ‘You are only as good as your last performance/result’. Well, in journalism you are only as relevant as you a recent. And if your articles don’t find their feet in the most recent of events, they are not relevant at all.


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